​These delicious, seasonal burgers may seem time intensive at first, but fear not: once you have your quinoa and chickpeas cooked, they're really a snap, and they showcase the flavor potential of veggie burgers perfectly.
This is a great recipe if you are looking to remove all food additives from your diet and/or enjoy raw foods in new ways. Normal store-sold mustards can contain artificial colorings, preservatives and thickening agents, not to mention flavor enhancers. Make your own mustard at home and be sure you are eating a fail-safe additive-free natural form of mustard.
A simple, hearty, and restorative soup with brown rice, winter squash, and a lovely rich and creamy miso-tahini broth.
A super easy snack to make at home -- full of nuts, seeds, protein and energy powerhouses maca root and coconut oil. Vegan, grain free, and gluten free!
Nutrient-packed quinoa, hemp seeds and hemp milk add protein, fiber and essential fatty acids to your morning. Whip up over the weekend, and then enjoy for breakfast during the week.
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